Karson Food Inc is a best school lunch providers in New Jersy. In school lunch we offer Applesauce Cup-1/2 c,Pear-1Orange-1,Apple-1,Banana-1,Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese-1 ,Frosted Mini Wheat Cereal-3/4 c,Cheerios-3/4 c, Croissant w/ Margarine-1,Multigrain Frosted Flakes-3/4 c,Milk-8 oz. Orange-1,Mixed Fruit Cup-1/2 c,Applesauce Cup-1/2 c, school lunch providers Banana-1,Pear-1,Whole Grain Rice Krispies-3/4 c.,Bran Muffin-2 oz,Golden Grahams Cereal-3/4,Reduced Sugar Apple Jacks-3/4 c,Raisin Bread w/ Margarine-2, Waffle Grahams-2  Dino Grahams-2,Wheat Bread-1,Bear Grahams-2  Milk-8 oz. Milk-8 oz.

We are a supplier of vended hot meals, service schools and child care centers throughout the state. school lunch providers also food and delicious breakfast and snack program. We will set up a kitchen for our clientele, providing the oven and warming tools, as well as the refrigeration needed to accommodate the number of meals preferred. Our racking system allows the school lunch providers meals to be rolled into the oven without having to actually handle any meals. We are a full line trader of all food, paper and janitorial foodstuffs, selling to schools and institutions throughout the state. school lunch providers manufactured goods list for more details. We offer next day delivery with no minimum order.

School Lunch Provider

Karson Foods has been catering the New Jersey surrounds in style for over 25 years. A simple school lunch providers or hot meals for schools in NJ, Karson foods will give you with outstanding service and amazing food for your school children. With our dedicated lunch program services, we can offer service and prepared school meals in NJ for large amount of students. school lunch providers get ready only the finest superiority of food, made on-site for freshness. school lunch providers understand the consequence of working within your budget, and takes a personal mission to deliver the quality you expect as we pay attention to every detail.

Karson foods, with our faithful employees, form one the most expert on-site catering food service in the New Jersey area, and have been doing so since 1982. school lunch providers family owned and operated business has prolonged our menu selections and contract food services placing us at the front when it comes to a quality manufactured goods with a good value. school lunch providers have prepared food service and catering to countless schools.