Karson food Inc is a service provider of school lunch for kids. In our food service program we give vended hot meals, service schools and child mind centers all through the state. We also offer food and tasty breakfast and snack programs. We will set up a kitchen for our clients, as long as the oven and warming equipment, as well as the food service program refrigeration needed to accommodate the number of meals desired. Our racking system allow the meals to be rolled into the oven without having to actually handle any meals.

We are a full line wholesaler of all food, paper and janitorial foodstuffs, selling to schools and institutions throughout the state. food service program our product listing for more details. We offer next day delivery with no minimum order. We have ready food service program and catering to countless schools. We can also give a buffet lunch for a thousand guests, company picnics, and cocktail parties for your companies’ grand opening food service program a luncheon or evening event, boxed lunch for a business meeting. Karson Foods also offers deliver lunch meals to private and parochial schools. Meals are served to students hot at lunchtime Monday through Friday. Our school lunch program is a fresh food program. Meals are cooked, portioned, sealed and delivered from our kitchen to yours on a daily basis or food service program as needed.

Food Service Program

Food Service Program

With our specialized lunch program services, we can offer service and prepared school meals in NJ for large amount of students. With our food service program get ready only the finest quality of food, made on-site for freshness. Our best quality of food service program operating as a family owned business, Karson foods understand the significance of working within your budget, and takes a personal mission to deliver the quality you expect food service program as we pay attention to every detail. Our customer service staff is available at all times to help you with all your food service needs. Our delivery drivers are both friendly and helpful food service program and are trained to deliver all foodstuffs to the desired space in the facility, whether it means going up or down stairs, or to different areas of the building.